Our director, Warren Brown (OTRT Interiors LTD) volunteered for conservation works at Berrylands Nature Reserve. The initiative was promoted and supported by Environment Trust and Thames Water. Tasks varied from: installing new woody deflectors, Himalayan Balsam hunting and pulling up, filling up the new pond, adding more gravel to sections of the stream, planting up

EasyClean Plain Weave fabric

Sometimes kids become just too creative. We are not about to give you any parenting advice, but if the artworks of your little ones keep extending from paper sheets to furniture and beyond then we may have a great tip for you. How about using easy to clean fabric for your precious upholstered items? Our

Our Clients are our inspiration

London Dock E1 Brian Yates Wallcovering TV Unit
Some time ago we accomplished project at London Dock E1 development including splendid silver curtains made of Brian Yates fabric. Our Customer came back recently and ask us to provide her with a wallcovering to fit in with the brand new TV unit. We must admit that wallcovering from Brian Yates was again a great

Swags and Tails

Swags & Tails have long adorned many high-end London and Surrey homes. Often selected as traditional window treatment however this opulent set of curtain, swag & tails made in Linwood velvet fabric embellished with GP & J Baker bullion fringe and tassel makes for a stunning statement in this cool bathroom. A classic modern twist
OTRT as interior furnishers look to facilitate all sorts of requests for our customers. In this instance, a busy couple who had two libraries to part fill with interesting books. Our process was not just to fill with any old books but to get more in tune with our clients’ interests. After a meeting and
London Dock Apartments
OTRT Interiors are happy to announce the start of a new interior furnishing project in an apartment located at the London Dock E1 development. This will be a complex project with blinds and full-length Wave curtains, on ceiling mounted curtain rails. After recently completing several prestigious projects on other developments built by ST James Berkeley Group