Wave tracks and poles for curtains

Pelmet, sheer roller blind and curtains - at Imber Riverside, London
Modern discreet wave track is the first choice when it comes to wave curtains, but there are other options available which are worth considering. This type of heading will also work well with some modern poles, compatible with wave curtains. Beneath we attach a few examples of wave curtains hung on metropole and gliderpole. Our projects

Wave Curtains

Sheer Curtains - Haiti Porcini by Romo
Wave curtains offer modern and elegant look with soft ripple effect. OTRT recommend wave curtains to be installed on a modern discreet wave track or modern pole. In particular, this type of heading will work well on a tall window with not enough space to accomodate curtain pole. Alternatively, some modern poles are also compatible

Long curved bay curtain tracks

Nowadays round shapes are very often utilised in new build homes and curved curtain tracks are well in line with modern architecture. We recently completed 1st phase of the project at the Corniche Building (SE1) which includes several inward curved tracks. We used corded white metal tracks by Silent Gliss.