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Our made to measure curtains are manufactured in a semi-plain, linen look, soft handle, 100% Inherent FR polyester fabric. These curtains are suitable for private houses, apartments, hotels, offices, shops, schools, public houses, care homes, and other commercial property types. This curtain range offers quality made to measure curtain/s at a great price.

The fabric has been chosen for its modern look and offers great versatility whether used in Private home or Commercial premises. This Linen look fabric is classed as a dim-out fabric and is perfect for strong sunlight areas and room darkening such as a bedroom.

The Linen look fabric is available in a modern palette, offering neutral, pastel and vibrant colours.

All made to measure curtain/s are offered in four heading styles Pencil Pleat, Wave, Double Pleat and Triple Pleat. The curtain headings are suitable for most curtain tracks and poles however Wave curtains can only be used with an appropriate wave curtain track or pole.

Step 1 Establish the Start point of your curtain/s*

*This will also be the fixing point of your track or pole

  1. Ceiling
  2. Wall
  3. Recess (Ceiling or Frame)


Step 2 Establish the finish point of your curtain/s

  1. Sill
  2. Below sill
  3. Floor

Step 3 Select prefered track or pole type*

*Subtract the profile tolerance below

*select one of the below

  1. Track  SG 1080 [ -0cm ]* Light weight
  2. Track  SG 6010 [-1.5cm] Medium weight
  3. Pole   SG 6130 [-3cm ] Heavy Duty
  4. Track SG 1280 [-0cm]* Heavy Duty

*1080 & 1280 the curtain will start at the top of the track

What if I have my own curtain pole or track?

Measure from the product to the finish point and make appropriate recommended allowance as shown in STEP 4


Step 4 Make recommended allowances for clearance.

*Subtract the allowance for clearance below

*select one of the below

  1. Sill [ -1cm ]
  2. Below sill [-0cm]
  3. Above Radiator [-2cm]
  4. Floor [-1cm]


Additional information for techies: SG Tracks profiles:

Silent Gliss Profiles

Hotels, Offices, Shops, Public Houses, Schools, Care Homes and Commercial premises where there is public footfall should select the Blackout  FR or Standard FR lining in order to be compliant with current UK Fire regulations for curtain drapes in commercial property.

Private Homes/ Apartments UK fire regulations do not apply.

The curtains are delivered anywhere in the UK within 2 weeks; carefully boxed and strapped so you receive your goods in A1 condition.


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